Women's watch trends to look out for!

Women's watch trends all point to the same thing - gorgeous dials, stunning colour, simple elegance, versatility and a smaller, more feminine sizing. That's right, it's back to basics if you want style points in this new year. Not only are classic styles more versatile in themselves, here at Boom we offer even more choice with your timepiece; you can pick as many alternative components for your watch model as you like, be it a metal mesh strap to swap with your everyday brown leather one, or a glinting rose gold top ring as an alternative to silver for the office.

This level of extra choice is also a fantastic idea if you are purchasing a gift for someone special. The number one factor that dissuades people from gifting watches is the fear that they will choose wrongly, because if just one element of a watch, from the strap, to the face to the case, isn't in line with the receiver's taste, they simply won't wear it. Or worse, they'll wear it unhappily. Taste in watches is such a personal matter, and more so than any other item watches are worn every single day, and so it is imperative that the wearer truly loves it.

This is true not only if you are buying a gift for someone, but when purchasing a watch for yourself. On such an important purchase, to be worn day in day out, why limit yourself to only one option? We change our clothes and accessories every morning, and then again in the evening if we're going out. So why not our watches? 

Boom models like the Nalka, or Stilla, are delightfully classic designs which just happen to be bang on trend. Adding a striking red dial, and a metal mesh strap for sparkle would tick all the style boxes for the new year. Their petite size is in step with the growing trend that sees women abandoning their oversized 'boyfriend' watches and plumping for more classic timepieces, which are worn largely as an accompaniment to an outfit. With control over the colour and style of your watch completely in your hands, here at Boom we are making the trends available to tailor to your taste.

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