Why a watch makes the perfect Valentines gift

Valentine's Day is approaching and the high streets are awash with heart-shaped gifts, balloons and cards. However, there's another type of purchase that makes the perfect present for your loved one - and that's a watch. There's plenty of reasons why, so here's our run down:


A watch is a classic gift that holds a great deal of longevity. It is something that you purchase intermittently throughout your life, meaning every watch is special and unique. Watches last a long time when taken care of and are a classic gift. It's hard for a watch to go out of fashion when you opt for a timeless design.


When you design your own watch, your gift is truly personal and one-of-a-kind. It shows that you have taken great care and consideration to think about your loved one and their taste. With Boom, you can choose absolutely every element from the case, top ring, dial and strap.

Work to your own budget

In building your watch from scratch, you can also build the price to suit your budget. This means you can tailor it both to your Valentine's tastes and your bank balance.

Tell a story

A watch, especially one built tailored to your recipient, is a great way of telling a story. From how you found out about Boom to why you chose the settings and design features that you did, to how you presented the gift to your valentine. It will forever be packed with personal memories that a gift purchased straight from a store just wouldn't be able to achieve.

Family heirloom

Given how classic and timeless watches are, and the memories packed in to them, they are also seen on many occasions as a family heirloom. It's something to pass down to your children as memories of your love for each other and the happiness you felt together.


To add to how personal your watch is, you can also add an engraving to the back to really make it completely unique to your valentine. From an important date to your initials, a favourite song lyric or a quote, or perhaps something that plays on the fact you're giving a watch as a sign of your love - "until the end of time".

It's up to you but it will ensure your timepiece feels completely original and one-of-a-kind. It'll also be something hidden on the back - a secret message between you and your love.


A watch is an investment piece. Quite often they hold their value - much more so than any other product - and therefore not only are you investing your love wisely, but also your money.

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