Why a luxury watch is still the ultimate fashion accessory

Trends come and go but true style never fades, and when it comes to fashion accessories, nothing stands the test of time like a classic, luxury watch. 

Timepieces might no longer be used for their primary function – as technology has made telling the time instantly accessible with the touch of a button – but that doesn’t stop the world’s most stylish, powerful and fashionable figures from wearing watches as part of their daily wardrobe.

Adding a luxury touch

Like a diamond ring or a chain of pearls, a classic watch is often thought of as the ultimate final touch – adding a luxurious edge to any outfit. You only need to browse through the world’s most stylish Instagram accounts to see that the luxury timepiece is still very much the accessory to be seen wearing. 

From Presidents to movie stars, a high-quality watch shows that you are not only stylish but also subtly hints at wealth and the luxury lifestyle that most people strive to attain. 

And for those who want to present an image of not only luxury but also unique style, nothing can compare to a personally customised watch. 

Your style, your way

At Boom, you can now ensure that your timepiece reflects each element of your personal style, because we believe that the best designer in the world for your perfect timepiece is you. Not only can you create a watch that embodies your overall style, you can also customise your timepiece based on what function or event you are attending, or even what mood you are in. 

Here at Boom, we have created beautifully crafted, interchangeable watches that enable you to mix and match components - including bands, faces and cases - based on your personal style or outfit. For generations, watches have been associated with wealth, luxury and style – and now, thanks to Boom’s interchangeable and completely customisable design elements – you can finally create a luxury timepieces that change to suit your needs…without losing any of the quality or craftsmanship that is associated with the finest names in watch design. Visit our “Design Your Watch” page to create your perfect signature timepiece.

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