Why a custom built watch is the perfect gift

Whether it is Christmas, mother's day, father's day, a birthday, a wedding or another occasion, choosing the right gift for someone can be a taxing and even a stressful affair. 

Useful and elegant

It seems so often the case that we struggle to find suitable gifts for the people we know and love the most. Nobody wants a gift that is too domestic and utilitarian, such as a toaster (regardless of how nice the toaster is) or equally something beautiful - like expensive champagne flutes - which is rarely or never going to actually be used. Therefore, a watch could be the ideal alternative. 

Long lasting

A beautifully built watch that is well looked after will last a lifetime, and is a wonderful way of marking a date such as a wedding anniversary or birthday. Watches have traditionally been passed down through generations, so it could even become a wonderful gift to someone else in the distant future. 

Custom build a watch

Watches are very personal items, no more so than a custom built one. At Boom we let you build your own, so that you can create a watch that suits the character of the person you are buying it for. Pick a case, then pick one of 14 different dials, followed by a top ring that sits above it. Last but not least is the choice of straps which come in leather, nylon and metal mesh in many different colours. A custom built watch is a beautiful and almost unique gift demonstrating a great deal of thought.

Let them leave their phone behind for a day

A large number of people these days do not even wear a watch. This is not down to a concerted choice on the matter; most of us instead have phones we carry around everywhere that displays the time. The benefit of being able to check the time without getting your phone out of your pocket is something lost on far too many people. In an age where we rely so heavily on phones, a custom built watch would be a simple, but lovely alternative. 

A well designed watch is something that can be worn and enjoyed every day. It is also the perfect addition to any stylish outfit and adds an air of sophistication to any look.

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