What does your watch say about you?

People are talking about Boom watches – and the advantages of doing your own design online – but what does your watch say about you?

Let’s face it, with digital displays all around us, we need little or no help keeping track of the time. Your wristwatch is in fact part of your personal identity. It can reflect your salary level of course, but also your personality, priorities and preferences.

Since the 15th century when pocket watches were invented, your “timepiece” has been a way of communicating your sense of style and social standing. Sunglasses and shoes - and of course your car – are the other ways men can show their individuality and make their mark. But ultimately, it is watches that have marked men out for centuries.

Look at media style icons like David Beckham, whose wrist wear makes headlines regularly, and for some people makes more impact than anything else he wears! Male film and music stars get paid big bucks to wear certain brands of watches, whereas others (like Brad Pitt) shy away from endorsement, but reflect their superstar status in an array of astronomically priced wrist wear.

Next time you are channel surfing, celeb news surfing or flicking through a magazine, check out how many male stars pose on red carpets and at press launches with their wristwatch prominently on display.

Minimalist, high tech, super trendy, retro geek, keen runner, water sports enthusiast, rebel, party animal, professor gadget; your watch can tell a story about who you are. The media is full of articles categorising men according to their watch brand as a reflection of their lifestyle, careers and interests.

It could be that your choice of wrist timepiece is based entirely on aesthetics, matching it to your wardrobe. Or your choice could be based on its functionality, or the associations it has with fashion icons. Certain brands of watches are known and respected world-wide and can be aspirational for anyone who wants to show off their wealth.

More readily available to show who you are – without the need for a huge investment – is the Boom range of bespoke watches and the unique option to design your own classic timepiece online. As individual as you are, each one is stylish and noticeable. Boom offers a world of choices all in one place to create something timelessly stylish, accurate and enviable. 

You just need to decide what you want your watch to say about you.

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