Top watch trends

While the popularity of smartwatches continues to grow, there's still plenty of love for the more traditional analogue and digital watches. Here at Boom Watches, we've rounded up some of the top trends from the world of both women's and men's watches.

1. Smaller is the way forward

Enormous watches that are like lifting weights are no longer the fashion for men: instead, there's more of a focus on the slimline. Think vintage-inspired smaller analogue watches with leather straps - the classics are coming back to the fore.

2. A blend of classic and contemporary

Both men's and women's watches are seeing this trend: the combination of a classic analogue face with elements that give the watch a more modern look. Whether it's bold Nato straps paired with classic watches or stacked bracelets paired with watches with a minimalist design, the blend of old and new is a popular one.

3. Designer smartwatches

It's not just the likes of Apple who have this market covered. In September 2016, Michael Kors launched their Access Smartwatch for both men and women. With a 46mm case available in different finishes, it feels as solid as a mechanical watch, but it offers the ability to personalise your touchscreen to suit your mood, track your sleep and fitness goals, receive app notifications and more. Could we see more high-end designers start to adopt the same approach? The Hagen Connected already offers a regular design with smartwatch functionality, and there could be more to come.

4. Super-minimalist design

We've already mentioned that smaller is the way forward... but simpler seems to be too. Now there are even watches that have dispensed with one of the hands. The Simpl One wristwatch has just one hand instead of two or three: instead of a minute hand, it has smaller markers between each hour so the wearer can tell the time based on the single hand's position.

5. Steampunk watches

Contrary to the super-minimalist designs that are becoming more popular, the steampunk trend is also still here. With their 19th century-inspired design cues, rust colours and visible mechanisms on display, it's a trend that seems set to continue.

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