Three great reasons to personally design your watch

A watch speaks for who you are as a person: chic and stylish, elegant and sophisticated, or perhaps even quirky and individual. Its aesthetic portrays a message to the world, of style and substance and your unique sensibilities. 

Yet however beautiful, normal watches are not made with you in mind. You may find one that suits your tastes perfectly, but most of us simply settle. The solution is simple: you can design your own timepiece. Rather than relying on somebody else to do it for you, here are three great reasons to consider it…

1. Your watch will be uniquely you

Nobody in the world is quite like you are and it is this individuality that makes you so special. Conformity is the antithesis of creativity and instead of doing your best to blend in, it is something that you should be celebrating. What better way to do that than with something that is uniquely you? Design your own watch and stand out from the crowd, every admiring glance it draws an ode to your eye for beauty and the exercise of your artistry.

2. It will suit your style and sensibilities

We've all had times in our lives when we’ve stood in the middle of a shop, looking at clothes or jewellery and found that nothing quite stands out to us. Everything is simply mediocre, something that you could purchase but would not truly value. Life is too short to settle. The solution is simple: create your own style. With Boom, you can do exactly this with your watch. Choose a case, dial and strap that you love and build an aesthetic that really appeals to you.

3. You will love it

If you still need convincing, think about the things in your life that you truly love. They tend to be objects or pieces that you adore every part of and the easiest way to obtain such a treasure is to create it from scratch. With services like ours, you can ensure that you cherish every single component and when you’re done loving it yourself, what sweeter gift to pass on than a timepiece conjured from your own imagination?

To create a watch that appeals to your aesthetic and is uniquely you, contact us today.

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