The top 5 reasons you need to wear a watch

If you're reading this and thinking 'I don't need a watch, I've got a phone', then you might be interested in recent research that proves that wearing a watch makes you more conscientious and punctual. Of course there are so many reasons for wearing a watch that have nothing to do with telling the time, but here are our 5 favourites. 

1. A watch is effortlessly stylish

Simple, smart, functional - a great wristwatch is the epitome of style. Choose wisely, and your watch will give you the opportunity to express who you are. That's one of the great things about a Boom watch, you can design it to reflect every aspect of your personality.

2. A watch brings simplicity

Use your phone to find out the time and the chances are you'll end up answering your emails, or replying to your texts. Your watch has one function and it fulfils it simply and superbly - better yet, when you're phone needs a recharge, your watch will still be keeping time. And a quick glance at a beautiful timepiece on your wrist is much classier than wrestling a phone out of your pocket or bag.

3. A watch is timeless

There's a reason why great watches become heirlooms, or why we give watches to commemorate significant events. They're mini works of art, that have recorded every second of a lived experience. And as they tick on they measure more memorable moments in our own lives. With a Boom watch you can design your own classic and then pass it down through your future generations.

4. A watch doesn't just tell the time

A watch is about your relationship with time, and how you use your minutes and hours wisely. Measuring the passage of time has been an obsession since man invented the sundial, and now we can carry time around on our wrists. A Boom watch is a cool way to remind yourself to live life to the full.

5. A watch is a great icebreaker

Design your own Boom watch to tell a story about who you are. Then whenever anyone asks you where you got your cool watch, you'll have a great conversation starter!

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