Start the New Year in style with a personalised watch

Almost everyone owns a watch. They are frequently given as presents and are often handed down from one generation to the next. They are also an important tool, even in the digital age. For instance, there are many occasions when picking up your phone to check the time is inappropriate, such as in conversation or meetings, but a quick glance at a wristwatch is far less noticeable. 

Watches are increasingly a fashion choice as well as an incredibly useful everyday tool. Most watches work for at least four years, and with most people deciding to replace the battery rather than get a new watch at that point, it is entirely possible that your watch will be with you for the best part of a decade or more.

Fashion is a more fickle friend than that, however. If your entire wardrobe changes from one season to the next, what hope is there for your humble wristwatch?

Thankfully, Boom has the answer. With a wide range of over 3,000 unique options, it is both quick and easy to create a watch which fits your personal style. Better yet, if you want to update your watch, you don’t need to get a whole new timepiece. Instead, you can update any part you wish. Imagine if you could simply replace the strap from leather to stainless steel, or even the face of your watch, helping to ensure that it fits seamlessly with any outfit you happen to prepare? When you design your own watch online with us, you can. 

With clear, easy-to-follow instructions on how to remove and replace any of the components of your watch, Boom Watches makes it very simple to refresh the look of your timepiece. For added peace of mind, Boom watches are also guaranteed for the first two years from purchase under normal use and wear-and-tear.

So, if you're thinking about updating your wardrobe as we head into the new year, why not make some changes to your accessories too? Make your wrist sparkle – both at parties and at work – with a unique watch design ideal for both occasions. The new year is an excellent time to refresh your look and achieve new goals, whether to better manage your time, schedule in regular breaks or simply spend a little less time looking at your phone. So welcome in the new year by browsing our options to build your own watch today.

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