Reasons why the classic watch stands the test of time

In recent years, smartwatches have taken the world by storm. You can now text, email and even run your schedule and improve your health through your smartwatch and its apps. However, the classic watch still seems to be standing the test of time with its durability and timeless style. 

Here are a few reasons why we still love classic watch styles as well as their functionality:

1. Individuality.

Your watch says a lot about you, from the colours, textures and shapes you choose, and building a bespoke classic watch online creates a truly unique piece. Whereas, smartwatches tend to be worn in a similar way, classic watches are distinct and truly a reflection of you.

So think, what is it you want your men's watch to say about you? What elements of your personality do you want to enhance? Designing your own classic watch online means that your specific requirements and tastes will be precisely executed to create something truly personal.

2. Battery life.

The battery in a classic watch will run for years unhindered you can trust that it won't leave you stumped in the middle of nowhere when you're running late and time is precious!

Lives now seem to constantly be 'on charge'. From your smartphone, to your tablet, laptop, eReader and even more. Do you really want to add your watch to this list? Plus the battery life on such a small, compact device can be extremely limited, dependent on your specific watch.

3. The ability to step away!

We all live glued to our technology, constantly available and always ready to reply, book or buy online. However, once in a while it can be nice to turn off the devices and just step back and enjoy life at your own pace. 

The benefits and connect-ability of the smartwatch here are the hindrance when it starts to become just another thing to distract you. So kiss goodbye to that quiet Sunday afternoon or even being able to get through a big project in peace!

With infinite combinations at your fingertips, Boom Watches dedicate themselves to assisting you in becoming your very own designer and stylist all in one.

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