The Story

After many years of success in the fashion watch industry, Niklas Dahlgren realized that there was room for improvement. The industry had stagnated and it was no longer in step with the consumers' wants or needs. This was largely due to a lack of diversity in the watch market. A modern world calls for more choices. The future is looking very bright  for BOOM and 2018 will be an exciting year. Thanks to the groundwork of a successful Crowdfunding campaign, Niklas now had the means and vision for the next generation of watches; a modular adaptable design that would let the wearer customize the watch to suit any occasion.

Allowing for an easy transition from everyday wear to sports and even formal gatherings. Completing a look or creating a bold statement. Letting you express your personality because we are individuals, not a demographic.

"Consumer trends are still steering towards customized and personalized design. People strive to create their own, unique style, not least when it comes to accessorizing the outfit with a matching watch. That pretty much sums up what we offer. What is also a great consumer advantage with our products, is that you do not have to wait for lengthy lead times since we pick the different parts directly off the shelf ”, Says CEO Niklas Dahlgren.

We wanted not only the strap to be interchangeable but the outer case, bezel and inner casing housing the movement. This was to be done without the wearer having to use any tools. From an engineering standpoint this would prove to be a challenging task. After producing several prototypes, his vision finally became reality. Precision machined parts ensure a perfect fit with zero play in the casing. BOOM Watches can of course also be bought off-the-rack and ready to wear from any retailer.

We guarantee our BOOM watch craftsmanship with a standard 2 year international repair warranty.  Register your watch online for an extended and unique 3 year warranty, unmatched by anyone in the industry, and we will guarantee an instant in-store replacement of any faulty or defective BOOM watch. To be worn with confidence.

Created in Sweden. Designed by you.
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