Our guide to wristwatch etiquette

Have you ever wondered if there are dos and don’ts of wearing a watch? 

Well, of course, it’s your business what you pop on your wrist. And the beauty of designing your own watch online with Boom is your timepiece can be as individual as you are. However, there does appear to be an unwritten rule book for men’s watches and women’s watches.

Top of the list is that some would argue that wearing your watch anywhere other than your left wrist is a no-no.

The other “biggie” is that wearing NO watch is better than being caught wearing a fake branded one. Pundits estimate that there are up to 30 to 40 million unauthorised copies of high-end men’s watches out there at any one moment. Suffice to say, the named brands lose millions to counterfeiters, and many copies are of a very low quality. Anyone who knows watches can spot a replica a mile off and as your watch says a lot about you, do you really want to be stamped fake and cheesy on first impressions?

You don’t need mega bucks to look great and feel good about your wristwatch. Get wristwear that is personal and authentic from Boom and you'll stand out for all the right reasons. 

One of the enduring myths of wristwatches is that one type fits all – all people and all occasions. No matter how showy and smart your timepiece is, you need to think about who you are and what you need it for before choosing a watch.

For example, a cool leather strap looks and feels classy, but if you wear it during workouts or if you work around moisture, even the best-quality leather is going to develop a bad odour pretty quick.

It’s why many people simply can’t have enough watches. You may need different ones to suit different occasions, whether work, sports, or socialising, including that attention-grabbing beauty that only comes out for special occasions.

One final note on the etiquette of wristwatches, without one you have lost a vital tool for good manners. When someone asks you the time, you can respond quickly and smoothly without having to find your phone. And if you need to end a conversation? A quick glance at your watch and a cheery “Gosh look at the time!” and you are on your way. A unique watch is also an excellent icebreaker at a social event.

So even if it’s just for the sake of good manners, find a watch that suits you and your lifestyle at Boom today.

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