Men's watch trends!

The range of both affordable and luxury watches on the market has been increased by opportunities to design you own watch online. Self-design watches allow you to create a unique item and your choice should reflect your personality whilst continuing to align with current trends.

For watch lovers, last year was the year of minimalism with smaller and fuss-free watches, the year of the wider colour palette with blue faces and straps being favoured, and the year of sixties chic with metal watch straps and retro styling.

For this year, the men's fashion world is predicting a move towards colourful 70s street style (watch out for the bandanas), the return of white as the new black, single colour prints (with black on white a favourite) and clothing with a relaxed pyjama-like feel to it. Favourite colours will be vermillion and powder blue.

The discerning watch-wearer will want to match or tone in with these trends, and whilst there are both cheaper fashion and expensive bespoke items available, building your own watch online has to be a great trend-matching option. However, care should be taken to ensure that the desire for matching accessories doesn't lead to a mismatch of style choices. One failsafe way to go about watch design is to look at two or three key pieces in your wardrobe. Consider both the impression that they create and the way that you feel when you are wearing them.

If your overall wardrobe trend is towards seventies styling, don't go too over the top in your watch design. Pick a key colour, maybe in the strap or the face, and combine this with more traditional and sedate items - this will give your 70s chic an accessory edge. If you have opted for white for this year, then don't necessarily design or choose an all-white watch; remember that a hint of darkness can add depth and impact to a light-coloured outfit.

The world of fashion is ever-changing but that is what makes it so exciting. As always, accessories, including your watch, can make or break an outfit. This year think carefully about the look you are trying to achieve and purchase wisely.

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