What does your watch dial say about you?

First impressions are everything and a person's initial impression of your watch is its watch dial. When you design your own watch online, you should consider what image you want to project to the world. If your watch dial is the first thing a friend or colleague will notice, what will it say about you?



Perhaps you'll choose a Clean, minimalistic style. With no numerals and simple hands, this face is the definition of sophistication. This is perfect for the chic, professional man who find himself in a suit in a business meeting one moment and in a dinner jacket at a drinks reception the next. The colours here are traditional, with a small hint of chrome for that extra element of class.


If you prefer something bolder, you'll choose the Fashion insert. With this design, you have beautiful numerals that echo back to the typefaces of the 1950s. Perhaps you're the kind of man to choose a colourful watch face, since you're not afraid to show the world your adventurous spirit. This is definitely one for the stylish individual.


Perhaps you want your Classic style to shine through in your watch dial. In that case, choose the Bida Collection. Styled like a vintage luxury dial, this design suits the person who likes to return to the classics. This insert comes in black and white only.

Whatever insert you choose, your watch dial will speak to the world. Remember there are many other elements to consider as well. For instance, will you frame your watch face with a black or chrome top ring? What colour will its case be? There are so many different combinations to consider when you build your own watch. Here at Boom, we're happy to give you all the options and let you make the final decision.

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