Springtime Watch Style

At Boom, we believe that watches are as much a part of your seasonal wardrobe as the rest of your clothes and accessories. With the versatility of customisation, you can create a look that's unique to you - so how do you design your own watch online that combines your individuality with a spring theme?

Brighter, longer days

One favourite aspect of spring is that the days lengthen once again. The weather gets warmer in combination with this, making it perfect to flaunt your style all day long. Why not reflect the sunshine with a few brighter coloured straps? Sand colours work perfectly for this, echoing classic spring pastel colours in a more contemporary way. Or, if you want a look that matches your spring sandals more, tan straps work particularly well with their warm tones. Look for texturally intricate options, like weaved straps, to make your new spring watch stand out even more.

Colourful blooms

Flowers blooming is one of the first things people think of when they think of spring. With this in mind, it makes sense to swap out the dreary winter colours for a watch design that's a lot brighter. The dial is the perfect place to show some colour here: a mossy green is the embodiment of spring's freshness. Or you could go for vivid, sunny tones, like a vibrant orange. If you still like to keep your colours more subtle, a deep, cobalt blue works too - it'll take your mind straight to days on the beach, reminding you that summer is on the horizon.

Clearer night skies

Spring isn't just about warmer days, but about less cloudy evenings and nights. Copy the moon and dark, clear sky on a spring night by combining a striking silver dial with a sleek black metal mesh strap. It will give you a sophisticated edge while styling out the spring theme perfectly. We love spring as much as our customers, so get browsing your new Boom springtime watch design today, and pick a style that is truly unique to you.
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