How to clean your leather strap

When it comes to maintaining/cleaning leather bags, shoes, and boots, everyone of us knows a bit about it, you have to clean them, brush them, put on cream or wax on them, we all have our own methods. But when the question of how to maintain/clean the leather strap on your watch is brought up on the table, how many of us know something about it? It is indeed difficult to name something out of it since it's a very small part of your daily outfit but it is also very important to know it so that you will get to use the strap for a longer period of time so here are some tips how to maintain your leather strap on your BOOM watch:

1. Take them off in the summer

We all know that sweat is the biggest energy to leather products, including your watch strap. So it is important that you have some alternative straps in Nato, metal, or plastic materials to change your leather straps and keep them in a dry and clean condition.

2. Let it breath

Just simply take off the watch from your wrist and let them strap "breath" itself so that your sweat will dry out from it. You can either put in by an open window or a fan to make this happen.

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