3 special occasions to buy a watch as a gift

If you have been contemplating gift ideas for someone special, have you ever thought about purchasing a bespoke watch? Watches contain many symbolic meanings that can be kept forever and may even be passed down the generations. Designing your very own watch at Boom means that all watches are created as the perfect gift for your loved one for any occasion.

Although Christmas is still far away, there are plenty of other opportunities to buy a watch as a gift. Here are 3 occasions when to buy a luxury watch:

1. Graduation

There is nothing more celebratory in a young person’s life than when they have reached their graduation day. The endless amounts of late nights, early mornings and 24-hour study sessions make it all worthwhile when the cap and gown can finally be worn to celebrate the special day. Giving a luxury watch as a gift would be a real memento to mark the occasion; a small part of their lives is over and a new, exciting one is beginning. A luxury watch will remind them of their fantastic achievements always.

2. Marriage

Buying a watch for a groom would be the perfect marriage gift. This may be even more relevant for the parents of the groom, to represent a new era in their son’s life, as a memento of a new life as a husband. Purchase a luxury watch beforehand and the groom may decide to wear it on his wedding day as a symbolic notion of crossing two generations.

3. Birthday

There is nothing more special than buying a luxury watch for a loved one’s birthday, symbolising the ticking moments within their lifetime that are to be filled with memories to treasure. A luxury watch would be even more special when bought for a milestone year such as an 18th, 21st or 50th, as a reminder of their special birthday for years to come.

If you would like any further information on purchasing a luxury watch, or how to design your own watch online for a perfect gift, please contact us today via our website.

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