Four points to consider when designing your own watch

If you are a watch lover, nothing could be better than the opportunity to build your own watch. You'll be able to choose from a range of crafted elements and combine them in a way that is uniquely yours. Wearing a watch of your own design will say something about you. However, with the power to design your own watch online comes great responsibility. In order to create exactly the right watch, you need to consider the following key points.

The watch strap

The strap might not be the first thing people notice about your watch, but it will have a considerable impact on your enjoyment and comfort.


Look carefully at the watch face - bold numbers will improve function, while more decorative ones may improve style. Decide which of these is more important: this will depend on the purpose that you have in mind for your watch.

Size and depth

Look carefully at the watch insert you select. Even with unisex watches, the face should be large enough for easy viewing but small enough to allow freedom of movement in the wrist.

Colour and coordination

Going for a single colour with maybe one contrasting element will suggest style and confidence. Taking a more eclectic approach to design and selecting mismatching elements will make more of an individual statement.

Your new watch is going to make a statement about you. Take your time when designing your watch online, consider all of the options, and enjoy your new purchase.

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