How to design your very own timepiece

We make thousands of decisions each day, usually starting with how we wish to present ourselves. On a subconscious level, the way we feel is often revealed by how we dress. Having such choices gives us the freedom to express ourselves through colour, style and presentation. This should be no different for the timepiece we wear on our wrist.

Designer watches made by you

Jewellery commands attention and a distinctive watch certainly enhances any outfit. Yet it can be difficult to find a watch which works for every occasion. If you had the opportunity to design your own watch, you would be free to make decisions about the look you want. A build-your-own watch concept empowers you to become designer of your own statement piece. Whether your style is classic or fashion-forward, the components you choose would make your wrist accessory totally unique. From case type and strap design through to the colour of the dials, over 1,000 variations would place you firmly in the driving seat. With a custom-built watch you would never be next to someone wearing the same one as you. It would even be possible to change it every day of the week should you wish to!

Giving a very personal gift

A watch has always made an ideal present for loved ones. It is very special to give a gift the recipient can enjoy every day. The ability to build your own watch adds a precious extra touch. Using your knowledge of their likes and dislikes, a unique design is bound to emerge from the choices available.

Receiving a watch that has been built especially for you is something to really treasure. With interchangeable components, it would be easy to update elements whenever required for guaranteed longevity. It doesn't have to be a one-off gift either: with a number of styles to choose from, it would be perfectly acceptable to own more than one.

Intrigued? You can become designer of your very own timepiece with Boom Watches. Within a few clicks you can design your own watch online, or create that special gift for a loved one. Start building now.

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