How to decide on the right watch strap

Whether you are window shopping or in the market to buy a new timepiece, the strap which you choose is always a consideration in terms of the watch you eventually choose. In this guide, we will shed some light on the different types of straps on offer, and the different attributes that they offer you:

Leather watch straps

The leather watch strap could be said to be the sophisticated choice, offering a classic and formal yet elegant look which also gives off that lovely leathery smell. Some experts believe that leather watches are not ideal for those that are prone to perspire a lot, as the nice leather smell can soon become a bad one! But by choosing a leather strap you are selecting a material which is proven for both its strength and durability. 

Fabric straps

For those that favour a more casual look, you don't need to look much further than fabric straps in order to match the laid back appearance you are seeking. They not only give a more informal look, they are also recognised for the comfort they offer, while in a lot of cases they are machine washable. If you are a watch wearer who likes to switch straps on a regular basis - either to match what you are wearing or just for fun! - fabric watches give you the option to do this with the greatest of ease. The only possible downside could be a lifespan which could be shorter than some of the other options detailed in this guide. Fabric straps are often a feature of the unisex watch. 

Metal watch straps

Offering durability and an attractive shiny appearance sometimes referred to in modern parlance as 'bling', metal watch straps give you a formal appearance, and are often a product of impressive engineering. If you were to single out one possible downside to metal watch straps it would be that they can tug on the arm hairs of those that have plenty! 

Rubber watch straps

Rubber watch straps are waterproof, easily washable and offer an uncomplicated fuss-free look - they can lay claim to being the most convenient and low maintenance watch strap.

Ultimately, choose the watch strap that you prefer the look and comfort of the most. Of course, with Boom, you can change it as often as you want!

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