How to choose, buy and wear a watch fit for a king


You're on a first date in a fine dining restaurant and you're looking pretty smart. You're dressed to impress and feel pretty confident. In fact, you feel so good you feel like the king of style.

The conversation's going great but it's getting late so your date asks you what time it is... You pull back the cuff of your suit jacket and there it is...your rubber strap sports watch with fluorescent green stripes that began cracking at the edges 8 years ago.

Now you don't feel like 'a king'. In fact, you don't even feel 'pretty smart'.

To prevent a fashion faux pas like this, here's how to choose, buy and wear a watch which will guarantee to make you look and feel like a king.

1. Choose... style and colour coordination

When choosing a watch, you need to think about where and when you'd like to wear it. A lot of thought goes into what shoes you wear with an outfit, and the same amount of thought should go into your choice of watch. For example, if you're going to wear a smart black suit, you won't want to wear the rubber strap sports watch with fluorescent green stripes, will you? Of course not. If you're dressed smart, your watch needs to be smart too. Choose a watch with a leather or metal strap and a colour that matches your outfit.

2. Buy... a watch online or design your own

Buying a watch online is easy. Once you've decided what style and colour watch to wear, you can choose from many ready made designs to match. Alternatively, you can build your own watch by choosing everything from the watch's dial to the strap design. This way you're guaranteed a style that will match your personality and your wardrobe perfectly.

3. Wear... a perfect fit

Lastly, whatever watch you wear it should feel comfortable. It should also appear fitted and certainly not too loose around your wrist. Adjust your watch to fit comfortably yet accommodate your natural wrist movements.

Your choice of watch can either make or break your outfit. So choose your watch style carefully or even build your own watch so you can wear it with the utmost confidence.

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