Five occasions when a personalised watch makes the perfect gift

Here at Boom, we’re of the opinion that the best watch designer in the world is you. Who could better understand or reflect the tastes of you and the people you love, and who would be better tasked with the creation of a timepiece that you’ll cherish forever?

Our unique service aims to reflect this, and we do our best to give you all of the tools you need to create a timelessly charming chronometer to suit your personal palette or make the perfect present for a person you adore. 

On that latter note, here are five occasions when a Boom watch might be the ideal gift to mark a special point in a loved one’s life or your relationship with them… 

1. Birthdays

Birthdays are as unique as the people who celebrate them, and they can be worth marking with a very special gift: a perfectly personalised watch. Whether it’s your son’s 18th or your daughter’s 25th, your wife’s 50th or your best friend’s 60th, giving them a gift to mark the passage of time can be a touching tribute to the years you’ve spent together and the ones still to come. 

2. Anniversaries

Anniversaries are always worth celebrating, and watches are an ideal symbol of the years you’ve passed together and the future you hope to enjoy as a couple. Showcasing your understanding of your partner’s style sensibilities, a personalised watch will help to demonstrate just how perfectly attuned you are to their every whim and want. 

3. Births

When a baby is born, it inevitably makes us turn our eyes to the horizon and look to the future, and what better way to mark such a momentous event than with the gift of a personalised watch for your spouse, which can one day be handed down to your child? Signifying the promise of the years ahead, it’s a lovely way to mark such a life-changing event. 

4. Wedding Days

‘His and hers’ personalised watches can not only be a cute and quirky way to mark the start of your years together, but can also make wonderful presents for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

5. Retirement

Last but not least, a personalised watch could be the perfect gift for long-standing and valued employees upon their retirement. A traditional present in such circumstances, they are a great way to demonstrate the value you place upon the years they devoted to helping make your enterprise a success. 

If you’re in need of gift inspiration, could a personalised watch from Boom make the ideal present?

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