Five men’s watch trends to watch out for!

Trends are fickle: hard to predict, tempestuous, and with a habit of thwarting your best guesses. They sometimes seem to appear from nowhere, whilst on other occasions, they build momentum so gradually that everyone can see them coming. 

Although it takes a degree of talent to predict them, however, we find ourselves well versed in the art. With experience and a passion for watches on our side, here are our top tips on the men's watch trends to look out for … 

1. Niche brands

Niche brands are set to be all the rage. Buyers are likely to be attracted to their more avant-garde designs, going in search of timepieces that will make a statement and set them apart whether in the board room or on the tennis court. To really get ahead of the trend, take it a step further and create your own watch online. 

2. Signature pieces

Although there will be those who make their mark through unique and quirky designs, signature pieces are also set to come back into fashion. Timelessly elegant and sophisticated, they are a staple with everything from men's formal attire to casual weekend outfits, and are ideally matched with any man who loves classic, understated design. 

3. Sports watches

Industry experts claim that manufacturers will be refocusing their attention on the European market, and this will see them create some superb sports watches, which are especially popular amongst their western customers. Durable steel is likely to be a mainstay of these designs that's practical for sports enthusiasts, while we may see watch design invoke innovative case materials such as bronze for a more distinctive athletic style. 

4. Retro aesthetics

Many of the most respected and renowned brands are expected to turn to their archives for inspiration, with retro aesthetics being recreated. This will mean brave dial designs, the popping colours of the 80s, and less of a focus on smartwatches for the man who wants to show off his roots. 

5. The bigger the better

Last but not least, expect a return to bigger watches. The renewed focus on western markets and their preferences will see bolder and more imposing designs created, many of them crafted from steel - a material beloved of European buyers. These will look great as a status piece for businessmen.

To learn more about upcoming watch trends, contact us today. We’re always happy to share our expert advice and will aim to help you in every way we can.

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