Famous watches from history

Watches have always been a timeless accessory, preventing lateness and increasing punctuality for the last five hundred years. There have been many incredible timepieces created over the years, from amazingly detailed and incredibly accurate Swiss watches to a more modern style of unique watch that you can design yourself from Boom. Here are some fantastic watches from history to give you some inspiration when building your own.

Thomas Jefferson watch

This unusual watch was purchased by Jefferson as a present for his wife Martha. He had it inscribed and enclosed inside was a locket of her hair. Strangely enough, this watch was actually created for French Queen Marie Antoinette, although she unfortunately never got to wear it as it took forty years to complete, by which point she had lost her head in the French revolution.

John Dillinger watch

John Dillinger was an American gangster in early twentieth-century depression era-Chicago and Indianapolis. Some of his many crimes include twelve bank robberies, leading an organised crime gang who were involved in alcohol and drug trafficking and shooting a lot of civilians and police officers. Eventually, he was gunned down while trying to escape from jail. Dillinger had a pocket watch he had received from his father he was particularly fond of and would take everywhere with him. Strangely enough, when police were examining his body after death they realised that the watch had stopped at his exact moment of death, even though the gunshots had missed it completely.

If you’re looking for a unique and interesting watch, go to Boom watches. You can choose from hundreds of different components to create something g that complements your personality and is truly unique. We have inspiration for men’s watches, women’s watches and unisex watches so you won’t be stuck for ideas. Visit Boom now and create your own timepiece that will be your own little piece of history. Unlike Marie Antoinette’s watch, it won’t take forty years to complete, it can be delivered within a few weeks and will last much longer than Dillinger’s!

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