Designing a watch for the special person in your life

When considering gifts for our romantic partners, jewellery is often the first possibility that springs to mind. It is a good option but the benefit of buying a watch over other jewellery pieces is that you will be giving a gift that combines the practical with the useful. The person who wears it will look at it many times a day and be thinking of you, not to mention watches are traditional heirlooms which are often passed down through a family.

Choosing the right watch can be problematic. If you buy online, there will be a vast range of choice but it may be difficult to visualise the product. However, trawling high-street shops can be time-consuming and limited to the smaller stocks that they can carry. One excellent solution to such a personal gift is to design your own watch online. Online design allows you to play around with ideas and make sure that your final choice is perfect.

When designing a watch for the special person in your life there are two important considerations:

1. How is the watch going to be used?

If your loved one enjoys being active, they are going to require some subtle design differences to someone who prefers a watch for elegance. Traditionally, it has been difficult to find affordable watches that combine elegance with usability, but a practical watch can still be a beautiful one if you create your own design. One easy way to ensure this is to select a more minimal face but combine it with either a metal or nylon strap.

2. What is your loved one's personality?

Personality has a big impact on the fashion and accessory choices that we make. Somebody who requires a watch for business or who has a quieter temperament may not tend to choose the same style of watch as someone who is more outgoing or artistic. If you build your own watch for a loved one, you can either focus on a classic design with minimal style, muted colour choices and traditional materials such as leather and steel, or go for something more eclectic and contemporary that combines different metals, stones, fabrics or colours.

Whatever design you finally decide on, we can guarantee that your loved one will be touched by the care, thought and attention to detail that has gone into their unique and truly personal gift.

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