After a long day selling watches out on the road in Sweden, 1999, Niklas Dahlgren returned to his hotel with a sense of frustration about the lack of adaptability of the ordinary wristwatch. What annoyed him was the limitations this placed on wearers wishing to utilise their watches as a fashion accessory, as well as a functional timepiece. Niklas realised that in order to achieve these two objectives, wearers would have to possess a number of different watches to complement alternative looks and styles, and he wondered whether it would be possible to construct an interchangeable watch, to enable individuals to mix and match their watch depending on their mood and outfit of the day.

Thus, the concept of BOOM WATCHES was born. Fifteen years after Niklas conceived the original idea, a creative team has carefully developed the prototype, creating an inspirational fashion watch, which incorporates unique wearer functionality as well as top quality craftsmanship. The cutting edge design of BOOM WATCHES appeals to consumers of all ages, offering an unparalleled level choice for the savvy wearer. The message is simple: we supply the parts; you design the watches, creating as many different looks and styles as you want.


The team behind BOOM WATCHES collectively has over 30 years experience in the watch and fashion industries. Between them, they possess valuable expertise in brand building in different fashion industries, and a strong fundamental knowledge of European fashion watch brands. The people behind the BOOM WATCHES brand are:

Niklas Dahlgren, CEO:

Niklas has a proven track record within the fashion watch industry, having experience with brands such as Gant Time, Lambretta Watches, Storm, Skagel and Camel Active. His last position was as Sales Director for Gant Time, where he was responsible for rolling out the brand internationally to approximately 15 countries.

Niklas has 20+ years of experience within the fashion watch industry.

Daniel Jakobsson, Creative Director:

A skilled designer with strengths in developing creative concepts and in brand building, Daniel also has long experience in buying from the Far East. His last position was as Head of Design and Product Manager for Axcent of Scandinavia. Daniel joined the young company in its fledgling stages, seeing it prosper and grow into a leading player in the fashion watch industry.

Daniel has 10+ years of experience within the fashion watch industry.


The BOOM WATCHES concept is a simple one: to offer its consumers both a high-quality timepiece and the opportunity to create the perfect, personalised accessory to suit individual tastes and styles. Trends in the watch industry are moving towards having a watch as a fashion accessory, as well as for the practical purpose of telling the time. The main difference between prestige and affordable watches is that usually a person would own only one prestige watch, whereas, in order to suit each individual occasion and outfit, a number of affordable watches would be required, to be swapped around to achieve the desired look.

BOOM WATCHES meet the needs of the consumer perfectly by offering watches of the highest quality, which can be transformed by simply changing one or more parts of the watch, according to occasion or mood. Today’s trends are increasingly moving towards customisation and personalisation, where individuals strive to create new looks and develop their own unique style. BOOM WATCHES give the consumer the freedom to synchronise their watch with their own style by enabling them to design it personally.


BOOM WATCHES offer high-quality watches at affordable prices, giving the consumer the chance to create their own unique watch, changing the perception of the watch as a purely functional item to being a high-end fashion accessory. Consumers can choose from the existing collection or create their own completely unique model. BOOM WATCHES can be changed and adapted to follow fashion trends and to suit individual tastes. Watches are sold pre-designed if choosing from our existing collection or can be purchased part by part. 


BOOM WATCHES early adaptors are fashion-orientated and keep an open mind with regard to new trends and influences. They use their watches to express their individual style and mood, and appreciate the endless combinations offered by the BOOM WATCH. This unique versatility in no way delimits the target market, as the BOOM concept suits everyone with an interest in fashion, from the young, hip and trendy crowd to the more mature and style-conscious individual. 


At, consumers can locate all our products, from pre-assembled watches to individual parts. Visitors to the site also have the opportunity to design their own watch using our special watch configurator, which has been developed in order to give consumers a clear, visual representation of the watch they are constructing. The website offers a distinctive feel for the BOOM WATCHES brand and image, and we ensure that all visitors to the site find it easy to navigate and lots of fun.


• The most versatile fashion watch of its kind on the market

• A unique concept combined with excellent quality

• A strong digital presence 


Below is just a small selection of our endless combinations. To date we have 111,600 of them, ranging from classic to modern and trendy to timeless, and the number is growing. Visit our website at to add your own personal take on the combinations possible, by building your own favourite watch.

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