Boom watch v smartwatch

Watches have become something of a revolutionary movement recently. With the surge of new smartwatches, there is now an even bigger array of choice and brands, making your decision on buying a new watch overwhelming and a little more difficult. But fear not! There's still a way to get a high-quality timepiece that is personalised to suit your individual tastes and style. Here we give you the top 3 reasons why we think a Boom watch just might be for you.

1. They get you

Smartwatches come ready-made, with very little option for customisation. But with an array of unisex watches on offer, our watches can be built to your needs. At Boom, you can design your own watch online based on your mood and your style and you can change these features to suit every occasion. Don’t fancy designing from scratch? Not an issue. With our three beautiful, unique collections - the classic, the fashion and the sports collection - you are spoiled for choice. So you never have to compromise style or comfort to have a high-performance watch. Why have a smartwatch and blend in with everyone else? Be YOU!

2. They are timeless

The problem with smartwatches, as with all technology, is that they are changing and updating constantly. They will quickly date and you will throw it in the corner and forget about it. A Boom watch is made with care and made to be a wearable piece of art that will never date or go out of style. Our models aren't just timeless in design, they also last for longer than the frequent charging that a smartwatch needs. Stick with your phone for apps and phone calls, and make your watch your signature feature to keep your schedule in check. 

3. They are durable

Boom watches are designed with you in mind and built to last you a lifetime. A watch becomes a unique part of your identity and a classic staple of your wardrobe - one that you can use and reuse for any adventure life throws at you, whether you are heading to a business meeting, running a marathon or hiking up a beautiful mountain. Your Boom watch won't suddenly run out of charge or lose connection! Plus, the watch you treasure today can be passed down to your children whereas smartwatches lose value every day.

Ready to invest in your perfect watch? Check out our website to start creating the watch you love for the life you lead now. Created in Scandinavia. Designed by you.

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