5 reasons watches are still relevant today

The explosion in popularity of mobile phones over the last 20 years has undoubtedly been responsible for the decline in people wearing watches. Mobile phones are great and can serve as calendars, web browsers, calculators, music players and torches, but the truth is that, while they perform all these functions and more, there are some areas in which they just cannot match a classic watch. Here are five reasons why watches are still - and always will be - relevant.

1. Manners

There's nothing worse than having a meal with someone who keeps checking their phone. It takes a very deliberate action to pick up a phone, unlock it, peer at it and put it back down again. Regularly looking at your phone in many social and professional situations is considered the height of bad manners. A watch allows the wearer to casually glance at the time, without annoying the person they're with.

2. You can leave your phone behind

There are times when we don't wish to be bothered with social media alerts, game notifications, emails or anything else, such as when we are relaxing on holiday. It is a fallacy that everyone needs to be instantly contactable 24 hours a day; we all used to get on fine before we had mobile phones or pagers. Wearing a watch allows you to leave your mobile phone behind when you don't need it and still keep an eye on the time.

3. Watches separate adults from children

Do you remember your first watch? Receiving a watch for a milestone birthday is a common right of passage for many people. Quite apart from the obvious utilitarian purpose of a reliable watch, a well designed and smart analogue watch is a timeless way of creating an air of maturity and responsibility.

4. Watches can create a sense of identity

A plastic digital watch and a custom created silver analogue timepiece both say significant things about the wearer, whether this is intentional or not. A good watch can complement an outfit and draw out details. A bold, risqué or wild watch can create a maverick look that, while setting you apart from the herd, does not overstep what is acceptable in a professional or a formal environment.

5. They are incredibly stylish

If watches were not incredibly stylish, James Bond would not have one. Whoever you are, a well-designed watch is a timeless accessory that makes you look professional and fashionable.

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