3 things to consider when designing a watch for yourself

When purchasing a luxury watch for yourself, there are a number of design factors to consider to ensure you make the right decision. If you have always thought of watches being bought as a gift - there is absolutely nothing wrong with switching it up and buying a watch for yourself. It is a personal decision that is realistically down to preference and can be a real statement piece that can be kept for years to come. At Boom, you can create a watch from scratch or customise one of our designs to suit your taste.

Here are a number of key factors to consider when designing and purchasing your own watch:

1. Style

Watches come in all different styles; most generally in formal or casual ranges. Have a think about when you will most likely be wearing your watch to help with design choices. If you will be wearing your watch on a daily basis, choose a comfortable and practical design; therefore, a soft strap and simple dial would be ideal. If you are looking to wear it for special occasions, you could go much more extravagant with your design choice such as gold or steel.

2. Shape

If you are unsure about shape, a round watch would be the safest option. Quirky shapes are a risk as they may not suit your wrist, and those with bigger dials wouldn’t be suitable for a small arms either. Round dials are a classic style and will never go out of fashion, which will make your watch a great investment piece.

3. Colour

Colours are extremely important when choosing a watch as it defines the look you are going for. It may be best to choose a neutral colour such as black, white, beige or grey for example, to match a variety of outfits. If you decide to choose a watch from Boom, there are plenty of colour options in both dials and straps.

If you would like any further information on designing your own watch online; please contact us via our website at Boom watches. We would be happy to assist with choosing a watch suited to your needs.

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